Ex-child soldiers in South-Sudan

The con­flict in South-Su­dan has des­troyed the loc­al eco­nomy and led to many child sol­diers. The WakaWaka lights will be very im­port­ant for the suc­ces of the de­mo­bil­iz­a­tion of the chil­dren that in­teg­rated in­to the armed forces in South Su­dan.
Ima­gine you have to hand in the weapon you car­ried for a long time, which gave you a cer­tain status, so­cially. That may be felt like a loss. We hope that the Wakawaka sol­ar light and the op­por­tun­it­ies it opens up for these chil­dren and their fam­il­ies may re­place this loss, if only to a cer­tain ex­tend.
All to­geth­er, we hope that the WakaWaka lights could be the sym­bol of life, hope and renais­sance for chil­dren who car­ried a weapon in the armed forces, who wit­nessed vi­ol­ence, and many of whom have lost re­l­at­ives dur­ing the re­cent con­flict.