Ebola response and recovery work

In Liber­ia, people are dy­ing be­cause of Ebola, while hos­pit­als either re­fuse to take pa­tients or have shut down as the nurses and doc­tors have died. The health ser­vice has com­pletely broken down and people are largely left to man­age on their own with little know­ledge and few means. From Janu­ary to April 2015, WakaWaka Lights have con­trib­uted to UN­FPA’s ef­fort to re­spond to the Ebola epi­dem­ic. WakaWa­kas helped to trace sus­pec­ted primary and sec­ond­ary con­tacts and helped to re­spond to the res­tor­a­tion of health ser­vices dis­rup­ted by the Ebola vir­us dis­ease out­break. Moreover, WakaWa­kas have been used to sup­port the pro­vi­sion of ma­ter­nal and new­born care ser­vices. These 250 WakaWaka Lights were dis­trib­uted to 20 health fa­cil­it­ies in co­oper­a­tion with the Planned Par­ent­shood As­so­ci­ation of Liber­ia.