Choche Keta Muduga High School

The com­munity is one of poor cof­fee farm­ers and only 10% of the house­holds in this com­munity have power. Es­pe­cially in the rainy sea­son it is hard to study out­doors and the houses are built without glazed win­dows.
The com­munity has been for­tu­nate to get a new sec­ond­ary school which has taken in the gradu­at­ing class of
235 stu­dents from the primary school. Now they must study harder. The primary school ran two shifts be­cause of the num­ber of chil­dren, but now the school­chil­dren have to at­tend classes all day in­stead of half a day. This means the stu­dents have to do their home­work at night. Since 90% of these chil­dren lives without elec­tri­city at home, do­ing their home­work after dark is a prob­lem. There may be ker­osene lamps but they are ex­pens­ive, they give off fumes and for these poor fam­il­ies they are not a top pri­or­ity. The WakaWaka lights will en­able these sec­ond­ary school­chil­dren to study at night and will help them and the school to make the most of this new op­por­tun­ity.