Bobo Dioulasso

The WakaWaka lamps are meant as “Lights for Learn­ing”. They will be used by chil­dren up till group 12 in Burk­ina Faso. The chil­dren will use them to do their home­work. They can im­prove their school res­ults be­ing able to do their home­work reg­u­larly, be­cause the chil­dren have no elec­tri­city in their homes, they either used un­healthy, smelly pet­rol lamps or ex­pens­ive bat­tery lamps, or they had to study un­der the only lamp out­side in the court they are liv­ing in.

Some fam­il­ies in Bobo Di­oulasso got elec­tri­city in their homes. There­fore 24 WakaWa­kas have not been dis­trib­uted yet. Vive’s loc­al ad­visor will make sure these will be di­vided among chil­dren who will start at school in septem­ber 2014.