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The WakeWaka Base 10 is back! 😍

Back by popular demand, the WakaWaka Base 10.

The WakaWaka Base 10, the ultimate all-in-one compact solar power kit returns to waka-waka.com. The Base 10 includes a 10 watt solar panel, two LED lights, one battery pack and two USB cords, packaged in a rugged waterproof pouch.

The Base 10 is the quintessential entry point into the solar revolution for anyone on the go who can’t – or refuses to – be left without power. After a single day in the sun, the powerful WakaWaka Base 10 will charge multiple phones, cameras and tablets, or provide up to 240 hours of sunlight. The Base 10 is available today! So what are you waiting for? Get yours now

When you buy a WakaWaka Base 10, you also give a solar light to a family caught in crisis and living without access to electricity.


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