Warm Hart voor Senegal

The WakaWa­kas have been dis­trib­uted in re­mote off-grid vil­lages such as: So­mone Peul, Kob Gay­an, Kis­sane, Palam Raw, Ba­bel Ser­er and Thio. Pri­or­ity was giv­en to fam­il­ies with school go­ing chil­dren.
The WakaWa­kas were very use­ful for the people in the vil­lages since it gets dark early. There­fore they of­ten used bat­tery torches or even candles for light­ing. The use of bat­ter­ies is re­l­at­ively ex­pens­ive and candles were very dan­ger­ous to use in houses made out of straw. Many of the vil­la­gers do own a phone, which they are now able to charge eas­ily with the WakaWaka Power.