Medical Checks for Children

Med­ic­al checks for chil­dren sends a team of 8 people, one of them is the phys­i­cian Es­th­er . Their goal is to per­form a med­ic­al check on about 1400 chil­dren. The area is in the west of Kenya, near Lake Vic­tor­ia. The team will vis­it dif­fer­ent vil­lages and areas in which they have been act­ive since 2010. There­fore they can see the pos­it­ive ef­fects of their work and keep an eye on the chil­dren who were send to the hos­pit­al after pre­vi­ous mis­sions. Es­th­er brings 100 WakaWa­kas which will dis­trib­uted in the area to re­duce en­ergy poverty in the poor area. The re­ceiv­ers will now be able to study and com­mu­nic­ate at night.