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WakaWaka Light


A sturdy, highly efficient and sustainable solar-powered LED flashlight. Up to 80 hours of light after just one single day in the sun...

Solar charge time:
Full battery after 5 – 10hrs in the sun
80 hours of bright light  
4 settings from 5 to 25 lumen + SOS beacon

WakaWaka Power+


A durable, lightweight and compact solar charger capable of charging your smartphone within just a few hours... 

Solar charge time:
Full battery after 12–24hrs in the sun
smartphones in ~2 hrs 
150 hours of bright light  

WakaWaka Base 5

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Ultimate all-in-one compact solar powered first-aid kit that charges multiple smartphones on a single charge...

Solar charge time:
Full battery after 4–8hrs in the sun
smartphone 2 x or 200 %
2 LED lights, 40 lumens 

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