Solar For Syria: 5262 WakaWakas

Thanks to a successful campaign, thousands of Syrian refugees will have light and the ability to charge their cellphone. Thanks to the support of companies and individuals, Solar for Syria provided 5262 WakaWaka’s with a commercial value of 264.718 euro.

In and around Syria the biggest humanitarian disaster since the genocide in Rwanda is taking place. More than 9 million people from which half are children fled their houses because of the civil war. The refugee camps lack basic facilities like food, proper shelter, medical care and electricity. In a refugee camp life stops when it gets dark. With one WakaWaka one whole family has light to cook, read, make homework and go outside safely. On top of that WakaWaka’s enable the refugees to charge their cellphone so they can stay in touch with the outside world.

The Syrian refugees I spoke with told me how well the WakaWaka’s work and how essential they are in their daily life’ says Tineke Ceelen, director of Stichting Vluchteling. The last months Stichting Vluchteling and other organizations distributed 26.000 WakaWaka’s in Syria. Because of the success of the Solar for Syria campaign 5000 WakaWaka's can be added to this amount.

Earlier campaigns showed that the ‘Buy One – Give One’ offer is the best way to collect WakaWaka’s for emergency response’ according to Maurits Groen and Camille van Gestel. For every WakaWaka sold through the Solar for Syria campaign one WakaWaka is given to the Syrian refugees. In this way, large amounts of WakaWaka’s bought by companies like Essent and Accenture will impact the lives of thousands of Syrian refugees.

Walking chargers
Every year, Stichting Vluchteling organizes the Night of the Refugee. This year 1200 people will walk the 40 kilometers from Rotterdam to The Hague to collect money and raise awareness for the Syrian refugees. A WakaWaka team is walking along with WakaWaka Powers on their back. This allows other walkers to charge their phone or mp3 player during the walk.

More about the campaign, background information about the situation in Syria, personal stories of the refugees and photo and video reports from the refugee camps can be found at

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