Announcing: Solar for Syria

WakaWaka has partnered with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) and Stichting Vluchteling (Dutch Refugee Organization) to provide crisis aid to fleeing Syrian citizens. 'Solar For Syria' launches December 13th!


“Solar for Syria? What are you guys doing for the Philippines?” That’s what we‘ve been hearing. November 8th the strongest Typhoon ever wiped out a part of the Philippines. This tragedy coincided with the start of our campaign Solar for Syria and created a dilemma.

WakaWaka shines sustainable light on dark and often forgotten places in the world. This is why WakaWaka opts for and…and. Solar for Syria AND Solar for the Philippines. The big difference is that Syria gets little attention in the media. Therefore we decided to postpone the campaign and have maximum impact, twice.

For more than two years the disaster has been unfolding. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees warned: “The Syrian civil war is the worst humanitarian disaster since the end of the cold war.’ 7 million Syrians have fled their homes, lost their loved ones, are wounded and live off-grid in or outside of Syria; a catastrophe. Within Syria, more the 4.5 million Syrians are taking care of each other. A sign of great solidarity and hospitality.

WakaWaka brings the Syrians light during the dark, bitter and cold winter. You can support.
The campaign Solar for Syria starts Friday, December 13, 2013: “Against all odds.” The Syrians need your help desperately.

During the last six months over 25 000 WakaWaka Powers have already been provided to Syrian families. This enables an estimated 100 000 refugees to safely see, study, move about, cook, read and gather after darkness. The solar-powered WakaWakas also allow the refugees to charge their phones and connect with other family members and loved ones caught in the horrors of the civil war. 

New Campaign
But further support is needed. There are millions of Syrian refugees inside the country itself and millions crossing the borders with Jordan, Iraq, Turkey and Lebanon. That is why, on December 13th we will launch Solar for Syria, a large-scale online ‘Buy One, Give One’ campaign. A global audience will be able to purchase their own solar-powered gear. For every item sold, one identical product will be provided to Syrian refugees. We will also be introducing a new product to our product range.   

Get involved!
Visit and leave us your name and email address so we can remind you when the campaign starts. Any ideas, questions or suggestions? Please

Get your organization involved!
Be the first to give your staff, clients or suppliers a social gift this Christmas that truly has a traceable impact on people who need it most. WakaWaka stands for social responsibility, sustainability and for disruptive ways to achieve the impossible. If any of these values resonate with your organization’s core values, or if you wish to make a stand against violence in support of millions Syrian refugees, then order now and have your WakaWakas delivered well in time before Christmas. Reach us at:





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