Meet our Team

Introducing you to the some of these amazing #AgentsofLight that make up WakaWaka’s growing team of staff, volunteers, interns, ambassadors and more. They are all dedicated to making the worlds most efficient solar powered products available to you and the 1.2 billion people who lack access to electricity. 

Camille van Gestel - Founder and CEO


Joyce van der Stoop - Sales Support
Wouter Hendriks - International Logistics Manager
Maurits Groen - Founder and CEO
Merijn Havinga - Key Account Manager
Emma Olde Bijvank - Strategic Account Manager
Jean Damascene Nirere - Senior Marketing and Sales Agent
Jean Michel Uwiringiye - Senior Marketing and Sales Agent
Philippe Nshimiyimana - Technician


Maurits Groen - Founder and CEO

Emma Olde Bijvank - Strategic Account Manager


Lydie Iradukunda - Sales and Marketing Agent
Hilda Wassenaar - General Ledger Accountant
Anita Rohira - Strategic Operations Manager
Salim Mbarushimana - Sales and Distribution Analyst
Alexander de Gaay Fortman - Key Account Manager
Fleur van Monsjou - International Logistics Support and Impact Manager
Poyan Karbor - Off-Grid Digital Lead

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