Sun Sharing Alliance

Are you a non-profit organization or NGO working in off-grid areas and want to contribute to reduce energy poverty in your community? That’s great to hear! We have a set up the Sun Sharing Alliance program to make this happen.

We aim to provide 1.2 billion people living off-grid with safe, sustainable and self-sufficient energy solutions. For many people and communities it is still impossible to obtain these energy solutions, due to either their low-income or them living too far off-grid. Many organizations, projects and (small) NGOs try to improve access to light by distributing WakaWaka Lights or Powers among these communities living off-grid.


Organizations planning to start a WakaWaka project could apply to become a WakaWaka Sun Sharing Alliance partner. Sun Sharing Alliance partners are able to purchase WakaWaka products for a highly reduced price.


To participate in the Sun Sharing Alliance Program a WakaWaka project has to be able to meet several requirements.


Requirements for becoming a Sun Sharing Alliance Partner:

  • The WakaWaka products are directly designated for a WakaWaka target community and will not be used for resale purposes.

  • The organization monitors the correct use of the WakaWaka products by the recipients and keeps the WakaWaka contact person updated on this. This includes at least photos, a questionnaire and a testimonial of the WakaWaka receivers.

  • The organization places an order of a minimum of 100 WakaWaka products and a maximum of 500 WakaWaka products.

Become a part of our Sun Sharing Alliance!

Click here to see how you can ap­ply to the Sun Shar­ing Al­li­ance. Please read through the ques­tion­naire care­fully.


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