Share the Sun


WakaWaka aims to create sustainable impact in emerging markets of the developing world. By developing distribution models and payment systems, WakaWaka aims to make the same high-quality technology that is available in Western countries, affordable and accessible in developing markets and therewith providing a safe and sustainable alternative to candles, kerosene and batteries.


Commenced in Rwanda, WakaWaka introduced innovative payment and distribution models to give low-income rural families access to light and power. One of these models is called pay-as-you-go, where households can activate their prepaid WakaWakas by weekly payments. Another model is working with local cooperatives that sell WakaWaka products to their members by deducting a small percentage of their monthly salary.


The Share the Sun model is used to further develop innovative rural distribution models in order to give remote households access to safe and sustainable light and power. It accelerates WakaWaka’s commitment to make long term and lasting impact to local communities by providing training, after-sales, maintenance, and develop income-generating activities. We want to make sure that our products not only offer an alternative to hazardous traditional lighting sources but also generate long-term socio-economic impact.


Concrete impact:

  • Providing access to safe sustainable light and power for rural communities - offering an alternative to hazardous traditional lighting sources.

  • Create income-generating activities and jobs for local communities.

  • Developing a sustainable market for quality solar products.

  • Providing long-term maintenance and after sales services in local communities in order to generate long term impact.


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