Philippine kids in the dark

The Philippine province of Dulag, as so many others, hasn't had electricity since the day typhoon Haiyan / Yolanda struck, November 8, 2014. Save the Children has distributed WakaWaka Lights to 348 children, aged 12-16, all students at the National High School in Dulag, Letye, in the Philippines - so they can do their homework.

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A Dutch Man and his Bike

A Dutch man on a bicycle with a mission. Dirk Spits has set a high goal for himself and is currently biking from Alaska to Argentina, a total of 17 000 miles (about 27 358 km) to raise funds for charities. Of course, this is the ultimate test for the WakaWaka Power when facing the elements. 


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Solar for Philippines Success Stories

When we started out with providing support to the Philippines, we were overwhelmed by the amount of reactions and donations from private and corporate donors. Altogether, 7788 have been sent to the Philippines and many thousands more are on their way. 

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CES 2014

After a very successful first year WakaWaka has made it’s International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) debut.

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NIMA Awards Finalist

WakaWaka has been nominated for the NIMA awards which will be presented in the new year on January 16. The NIMA awards have become a tradition where marketing campaigns from the past year are celebrated. Perhaps we will be adding one more trophy to the awards page? 

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Shining A Light On WakaWaka’s Giving Strategy

As passionate social entrepreneurs and founders of WakaWaka we believe it’s important to be crystal clear about our giving strategy to help the 1.3 billion people who are living without access to electricity around the world. We have chosen a sustainable, for-profit business model, in order to achieve global impact.

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A final farewell to Nelson Mandela

With military pomp and traditional rituals, South Africa buried Nelson Mandela on Sunday, the end of an exceptional journey for the prisoner turned president who transformed the nation.


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Kofi Annan Endorsement

A group of World Economic Forum Global Shapers from Ottowa, Amsterdam and Geneva presented the WakaWaka solar device to Mr. Annan, as the photo below shows. WakaWaka is very thankful to Mr. Annan, his team at the Annan Foundation and the Global Shapers for their endorsement! 

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Without Light, Can There Be Life?

Never before has the demand for solar power solutions been so great as in the days and weeks after typhoon Haiyan hit The Philippines. WakaWaka founders Maurits Groen and Camille van Gestel were asked to share their story on Huffington Post.

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Solar for Philippines

On November 8th, Haiyan, the stongest typhoon ever hit The Philippines leaving:

  • 13 million people affected
  • 3.4 million people displaced
  • 1.1 million houses damaged or destroyed
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