Sustainability 24

Accenture's award-winning event Sustainability 24 is back. Last year they connected over 50 guest speakers in 21 locations to a worldwide audience of over 4000. This year WakaWaka's own Maurits Groen will be one of them. 

The highlight of the day – a live, global, twelve hour online broadcast, will unite leaders in their fields through panel discussions, industry-focused debates and audience interactive question and answer sessions. In light of his involvement the Guardian spoke with Maurtis on his social entrepreneurship and the importance of stories:

Sustainability consultants are two a penny these days. What the world lacks are sustainability-minded entrepreneurs. Maurits Groen, a 59 year-old Dutchman, spent nearly 30 years in the first camp before he decided it was high time to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.

"Since the [sustainability] problems are really getting very acute and intense, I thought I should start doing something about them instead of only consulting about how others should do things better", he says.

You can read the rest of the article here


To view the sessions online on May, 15 2013, register here

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