What is your giving strategy?

Even though the need for WakaWakas is enormous and the majority of the people who are living off-grid cannot afford to buy a WakaWaka in one go, we do not believe that donating WakaWakas is always the best option. While giving WakaWakas for free may always be good for the individual person or family in the short term, donating can have adverse consequences on the community or region in the long term. That’s why WakaWaka only donates WakaWakas according to our giving strategy and we encourage other NGO’s to do the same. 

Our giving strategy summed up: We encourage donating WakaWakas in crisis situations where people are displaced and have no means of fending for themselves. In these situations, safe light and electricity can mean the difference between life or death for aid workers and victims.  In stable, but poor situations we discourage donating directly because of the risks of market spoiling, a culture of dependence, reduced perceived value of the products, community tensions and human pride and values. In these situations especially, we encourage alternatives for donating, like ‘free, but not for nothing or a subsidized price.


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