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LIGHT – I think my WakaWaka Light is defect, what can I do?

Depending on the weather condition in the region that you live in, it can be more difficult to fully charge the WakaWaka Light with the sun. When charging it is important that the sun shines directly on the solar panel. So when the sun turns, you have to turn the Light in the direction of the sun.

Check the following questions:

  1. How long have you put your WakaWaka Light directly in the sun?

  2. Or was it cloudy or behind (double) glass?

  3. Did you turn it with the sun?

  4. You can test if the WakaWaka Light is charging by holding the solar panel under a strong lamp or in the sun. If the indicator light on top starts to blink, you know that the solar panel works. What does the single indicator light shows?

If you think your WakaWaka Light is defect, please contact the store where you’ve purchased it. If you bought it at our webshop, please send us an email at support@waka-waka.com and and mention:

  1. the product WakaWaka Light e.g.

  2. the serial number

  3. the order number

  4. date of purchase

  5. defect: charging with solar power, flashlight, other.